Tree Removal in Jacksonville and St. Augustine

What to Do When You’re Thinking of Buying a House with a Sick or Dead Tree?

Trees are usually a great selling feature for a property. Sometimes, however, there may be a tree that doesn’t appear to be healthy or could be a danger to the house. A problematic doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker, though. Though sometimes a problem tree will have you calling to schedule a tree removal, that might not have to be the case. Here’s what to do if you’re thinking of buying a house with a dead or dying tree.

Have the Tree Inspected by an Arborist

It is a good idea to have any questionable trees inspected before you purchase a home. A certified arborist will be able to determine the health of the tree or if it could pose a threat to the house. He or she will also tell you if it should be removed. This can make an impact on a home sale, as tree removal in Jacksonville can add a considerable expense. It makes sense to have any trees inspected before closing on a new house. An arborist will look for the following:

  • Signs of a dead, dying or diseased trees
  • Trees that are too close to the home
  • Dangerous branches in need of pruning
  • Whether the trees can survive any future construction
  • Signs that roots are affecting the house’s foundation or driveway


Is the Seller Responsible for a Dead or Dying Tree?

The seller is not typically responsible. Property owners aren’t required to pay for the care or removal of any trees on their property prior to selling. You may, however, be able to reach an agreement with the seller while the contract is being negotiated. For example, some buyers may request that tree removal is covered by the seller before the home’s purchase. That’s why it can be very beneficial to have that inspection done by a certified arborist before-hand.

In the rare case that a tree damages a house while it’s under contract, the obligation shifts to the seller. The seller is required to deliver the house in the same condition it was in at the time of purchase. This means that any damage incurred by a tree before closing becomes the responsibility of the seller. They must cover any repairs to the home and any tree removal that’s necessary.

Inspections and Tree Removal in Jacksonville and St. Augustine

A property’s trees can make a big impression when you’re on the market for a new house. While they usually provide beauty and curb appeal, they can sometimes be problematic. If you’re considering a house but are concerned about certain trees on the property, have them inspected. This way you’ll know what you’re dealing with and can factor in any costs involved.

The certified arborists at TREECO provide thorough tree inspections and can tell you if a tree is dead, dying or damaged. If there are any problem trees, our experts are equipped to handle even the largest jobs. For tree service Jacksonville, you can trust, contact TREECO at (904) 559-3204.

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