Traq reports are an essential tool for arborists. By documenting the condition of trees, they can provide valuable information to help make informed decisions about tree service Jacksonville FL care. They are also commonly used in construction planning to avoid damage to trees, and also in the development of tree preservation plans. Inventories can be used to document the location, condition, and value of trees on a property.

Where this information is critical to property value, economic decisions, insurance premiums or legal proceedings, we apply a formal system used by arborists worldwide to evaluate and express an individual tree’s failure potential. 

Using this system, our arborists can measure and assess the factors that contribute to your tree’s failure risk, and compare it to similar data on thousands of tree failures. 

The process is thorough, standardized, and produces an objective report. Our client's use these reports for a variety of purposes including (but not limited to): 

  • Insurance related discussions regarding risk mitigation in order to decrease a property owner’s premium/rate
  • Home pre-purchase inspection process in order to evaluate the risk of near-term tree failure on the property
  • Assessing the risk of failure for multiple trees on a large commercial property or residential community in order to understand the total replacement cost    

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