Public Tree Management and Utility/Transmission Line Clearance

Trees are an important part of any community. They provide shade and beauty, and they can help to improve air quality. However, trees also require regular care in order to stay healthy. That's where Treeco come in. Treeco services are responsible for the care and maintenance of public trees, and they can play a vital role in keeping a community green and healthy.

TREECO is trusted by many municipalities and large utility developers across the state of Florida, including Duke Energy and Florida Power & Light, to complete a variety of project types.

From pre-development tree service Jacksonville FL clearance to vegetation management in environmentally protected areas to live transmission line clearance, Treeco has the tools and the team to accomplish the mission.

The TREECO team ensures the completed project not only exceeds expectations but does so in the safest manner possible by staying current with safety protocol. Each team member is both CPR and EHAP (Electrical Hazards Awareness Program) certified, as well as undergoes daily safety briefings and exercises designed to ensure they are aware of the dangers surrounding them at all times.

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