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TREECO tree surgeons offer professional and courteous service to keep your trees healthy and structurally sound.

We offer a wide variety of tree services in St. Augustine & tree services Jacksonville, FL provided by certified arborists.

All of our employees are fully certified and insured.


We offer tree trimming services at reasonable costs. Trimming or pruning a tree takes special knowledge of the growing patterns of trees, the special needs of each variety of tree, and the right methods to cut back trees without injuring them. At TREECO, we understand all of these issues clearly and precisely, and put our knowledge into practice each time we come to your home for tree trimming service. Read More…


Our TREECO team offers you the best option for tree removal service in Jacksonville and tree service St Augustine FL. Removing dead, dying or damaged trees is a hazardous job. Even if you are taking out a living tree to make room for an addition to your home, it takes special knowhow to do the job right. Often, homeowners who attempt to remove trees themselves damage their homes, destroy nearby trees and flower beds, or even injure themselves. The same can happen when you hire inexperienced and ill-trained individuals to do the work. At TREECO, we have the expertise you need to safely get rid of trees that can no longer be saved, and we do it at the most reasonable cost. Read More…


We not only provide excellent tree removal service, but we stay at your site long enough to clean up all the resulting debris. When we leave, your property is as clean or cleaner than it was when we arrived and always treat your home and yard with respect!

We can also remove debris you may have in your yard! After large storms huge pieces of wood and debris can be left in your yard that won’t be picked up by the county – we can help! We have the tools available to remove debris of any size! Read More…

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When you have a large property that requires clearing, brush mowing is an excellent option. Areas that have become overgrown with tall grass, shrubs and small plants and trees can be cleared more easily this way. Treeco uses skid steer tractors for brush mowing, which are faster and more compact. This means your property will be cleared more quickly and efficiently than with traditional mowers. For brush mowing in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, contact Treeco. Learn More…


Once a tree has been removed, stump removal can be completed to remove the underground stump. Stump removal can decrease the chance of disease and insect infestation, and it also makes the yard look more attractive. It’s a difficult and potentially hazardous task for homeowners to attempt on their own. The proper tools and skills are required to make sure the job is done safely and efficiently. Treeco arborists utilize a variety of special stump grinding machines to expertly remove stumps in the St. Augustine and Jacksonville area. Learn More…

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