Image Showing Why You Should Have a Tree Inspection Before Buying a Home in Jacksonville, FL

Why You Should Have a Tree Inspection Before Buying a Home in Jacksonville, FL

Trees provide lots of shade and beauty to a property, but there are certain species that might cause more problems than they are worth. Before you buy a house, have a tree service Jacksonville FL contractor inspect the trees first to see if any of them need professional service.

If you are looking for a new house to buy, you may find a potential candidate that has beautiful elms or maples in the yard and think you’ve won the lottery. Although mature, large trees do provide lots of benefits, including healthier, cleaner air and lower energy cost, there are good reasons why you should have a certified arborist inspect them before you sign a contract.

Falling Trees

Large, sprawling trees give a yard a great personality and provide plenty of shade. However, unfortunately, the bigger the tree is, the higher the risk. Serious thunderstorms can snap branches or potentially even topple whole trees – which can both be very hazardous to your home and family. Some species are a lot more susceptible to stronger winds compared to others. When you hire a tree service Jacksonville, FL certified arborist they will be able to identify the trees that pose threats to property.

Invasive Roots

When it comes to tree roots they definitely have minds of their own. Even a smaller tree, like a willow, has strong, shallow roots that can stretch very quickly as much as 20 to 30 feet. Septic systems, sidewalks, driveways, foundations, and sewer lines are all easy targets for invasive tree roots in search of nutrients. A basement or foundation that is damaged from tree roots can be a deal breaker – you need to know ahead of time if a tree has these kinds of roots.

Decay and Disease

There are some obvious signs of tree disease – fungus, brittle bark, and dead branches – however, others are harder to diagnose properly. For example, decay starts on the inside of a tree, so most people might not realize until it is too late that their tree is rotting. Other signs, such as dead leaves, might not appear to be a distress signal. A decaying, diseased tree is a safety hazard and eyesore that might lead to expensive repairs.

Signs That A Tree Has Pests

Trees, and diseased ones, in particular, may harbor all types of invasive pests. Bagworms, cankerworms, Japanese beetles, and aphids are just a few of the harmful insects that might start to reside in trees and strip them of all of their beauty. When infested trees are close to your house, pests can also make their way indoors easily. If you don’t detect infestation signs early on, your tree and maybe even your house might end up paying a very high price for it.

High-Maintenance Trees

A majority of greenery does need some maintenance. However, some trees require a lot more care compared to others. As an example, the staple trees of Florida need a lot of frequent upkeep, which includes yearly tree service Jacksonville FL management and pruning. You need to get a good idea of which trees might be more trouble than they are actually worth. Give our Jacksonville Florida tree services team a call if you have any questions.


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