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The Top 4 Reasons To Trim Your Trees Regularly

Keeping the trees on your property trimmed is a great way to keep them beautiful, healthy and safe. Since trees continue to grow throughout the year, consistent tree trimming in Jacksonville and St. Augustine is vitally important. Here are some good reasons to keep your trees pruned.

Maintain your yard’s beauty

Beautiful, well cared for trees make your yard attractive and add a tremendous amount of character. Trimming away weak and dead limbs or branches that are growing faster than others helps to maintain the natural shape of the tree. It also removes damaged and unsightly branches and growth patterns to keep your trees looking their best. You may also want to have trees professionally trimmed in a way that makes the most of a pleasant view.

Promote tree health and growth

Tree trimming in Jacksonville and St. Augustine is an important part of keeping trees healthy and promoting new growth. For young trees, proper pruning can encourage them to grow in a way that is structurally sound. Regular trimming removes branches that are damaged or have the disease so the disease doesn’t spread and stifle the rest of the tree’s growth. When not properly maintained, trees may grow more densely than they should. This decreases the amount of sunlight and circulation the tree needs to thrive.

Keep your yard safe

Sick or dead branches are a huge safety risk in your yard—, especially on larger trees. One of the most important reasons for proper tree trimming in St. Augustine and Jacksonville is to avoid potentially hazardous situations. With the severe wind and storms that we experience in our area, having dead or unsafe limbs removed can keep serious injuries from happening. Any sickly branches or limbs that cover areas where people walk or kids play and any that are too close to the house’s entry should be removed. It’s also extremely important to have any branches that are too close to electrical lines removed only by a professional tree trimming service.

Encourage fruit production

If you have any trees that produce fruit, such as lemon or orange trees, tree trimming in Jacksonville in St. Augustine is very beneficial. Trimming removes unhealthy branches, promoting the tree’s health and ability to produce fruit. Pruning promotes the growth of new fruit, and it also promotes the growth of spurs to produce fruit in the next year.

Tree trimming is vital for your yard’s health and beauty makes it a safer place to be and increases fruit production. As a homeowner, you may choose to do some of the pruning on your own, but it’s important to know your limits and know when to call the professionals.

TREECO offers professional tree trimming in Jacksonville and St. Augustine. Our certified arborists are experts in all areas of tree care. We utilize the proper methods to keep your trees as healthy, beautiful and safe as possible. For more information on tree trimming and our other services, click here for our services page.

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