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How To Tell If A Tree Is Sick Or Dying

We all enjoy the beauty and value that trees add to our property, but beyond that most homeowners don’t really give them a second thought. However, it’s important to pay attention to the health of your trees to keep your home and family safe. There are many factors that can affect trees’ health and several ways that you can tell if it’s time to contact an arborist or tree removal company.

Roots. Start by looking at the base or root flare of the tree. This is where the tree and soil meet. If there is no root flare, it could mean that someone in the past re-graded the property and covered the roots with too much topsoil. Over time, this can cause the tree’s health to decline because it’s feeding roots have been covered.

Trunk. Look at the tree’s trunk and see if there are any cracks, holes or peeling bark. Are there areas where the bark is bare? If you notice any of these, the trunk is likely in decline and the tree’s integrity is compromised. Contact a tree removal company to be sure.

Leaning. Not all trees grow perfectly straight, but a tree that is leaning severely is a sign that something could be wrong. Look for cracked soil and exposed roots to tell if you have a problem.

Branches. Take a look at the tree’s branches. Are they bare during a season when they should have left? You’ll also want to look at the branch unions to see if branches are securely attached to the tree.

Carpenter Ants. If you see carpenter ants running up and down the tree, it probably means your tree has some wood decay and possibly other problems as well. You’ll want to contact a tree removal company so that these insects don’t spread to other trees or plants in your yard.

Fungus. Like ants, the fungus is a sign of poor tree health. Mushrooms growing around the base of a tree or on its bark usually means that a tree is decaying.

It’s important to inspect your trees regularly. If you see any of the above signs of illness, contact a certified arborist as soon as possible to see if there’s a chance to save your tree. Sometimes a good pruning and fresh mulch can help a tree that is a bit unhealthy. Other times, tree removal will be necessary to avoid potential problems. For licensed and insured tree care in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, contact the certified arborists at TREECO.

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