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Signs That You Should Prune Your Tree in Jacksonville, FL

When you prune your trees it helps to prevent costly property damage from occurring, keeps the trees looking beautiful, and helps you avoid the expense of removing rotting or dead trees from your property. Although you might understand the benefits that pruning provides, you might not know when you should schedule pruning from a professional tree service Jacksonville FL contractor to achieve the best results. The following are five common signs that tell you it is time for your trees to be pruned.

Broken Branches

When you have a tree with broken or weak branches it is potentially hazardous to your home and people. Often the damage is caused by wind or heavy rain. Therefore, it is recommended that you check your trees following a storm. If there are any broken branches, have them trimmed as soon as you can to prevent them from falling onto your property and causing damage.

Deep Cracks

Usually, tree bark cracks are caused by fluctuating temperatures. On a warm winter day, the bark of a tree is heated up by the sun and then at night, it freezes when there is a dramatic drop in temperature. This causes sun scald. Younger fruit trees are particularly prone to this type of damage, which can potentially stunt their growth.

There can be frost cracks that occur whenever water inside of the cells of the tree trunk freezes and then escapes out of the cells, which causes the wood to shrink. Eventually, the tension between the unfrozen and frozen parts of the wood will cause the tree to crack. Walnut, oak, maple, and beech trees are most prone to developing frost cracks. However, when the trees are prune properly it can help to prevent frost cracks from developing.

Excessive Greenery

More isn’t always better. With foliage, that is especially true. If you are unable to see through the branches or leaves of your tree, then it’s time to prune it. When branches get too dense it is more likely that the wind will catch them and damage will be caused as a result.

Tree Cankers

Whenever a spot on the bark of a tree is missing or sunken in, that can be a sign of decay or disease. Cankers may be caused by environmental conditions, chemicals, insects, or fungus. It can be hard for young fruit trees to recover from cankers. Even well-established shade trees might be weakened by cankers, which will make them much more susceptible to being damaged by wind.

In order to prevent more rotting from occurring, remove as much of the canker as you can. Only prune tree using a sterile cutting tool during dry weather.

Untamed Growth

Whenever trees are not pruned on a regular basis they potentially might grow in ways that aren’t ideal. When a tree is misshapen, it doesn’t properly distribute its weight and that can cause branches to breaks off and cause damage to your property.

It is especially important for newly planted or young trees, which need additional guidance to ensure they grow in the proper direction. It is recommended that a professional tree service Jacksonville FL arborist do this job, since trying to do it on your own can result in serious damage if you prune away too much.

Florida Professional Pruning Services

It is recommended that you hire professional arborist and have them prune your trees for you. They understand how to properly trim trees to prevent the trees from damaging your property and to preserve them. The Treeco tree service Jacksonville FL professional team has extensive experience with pruning trees throughout the state of Florida. We are fully insured and certified so you know your trees will be in good hands with us.


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