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How To Prepare Your Trees Before A Storm

Hurricane season begins on June 1, and the intense summer storms of Florida are right around the corner. Homeowners often overlook the importance of making sure their trees are prepared for severe weather, but it’s one of the most critical things you can do to ensure your home remains safe. From inspecting your yard to hiring a tree trimming service, here are some tips on to prepare your trees for a storm.

Inspect the trees on your property.

Begin by walking around your yard and taking note of the condition of your trees. Look at the bark, trunks, roots, branches and canopies. Make sure you don’t see any obvious damage such as root rot, bare foliage, leaning trunks, insecure branches or insect infestation. If anything looks amiss, contact a certified arborist, like the professionals at TREECO, to come out and do a professional inspection.

Prune your trees.

Keeping your trees pruned regularly can greatly cut down on wind resistance which can damage trees. Pruning significantly reduces the chance of damage to your home in a storm, as it removes branches that are too close to your house as well as dead or weak branches that could fall during severe weather. It’s also important to properly prune the low branches of young trees to avoid having multiple leaders, which can cause instability. When trimming a tree becomes too large of a task to do on your own, a certified arborist should be called.

Take care of your trees year-round.

Taking good care of your trees year-round is always a good idea. Keeping trees healthy is the best way to protect them from damage during storms, and to protect your home. Check that they have enough water and fertilizer, and ensure that they have a sufficient amount of mulch at their base. Certain trees may require special care, so speak with a professional tree care service to see how you can best prepare them for severe weather.

Hire a certified arborist.

Well before a storm hits, call an ISA certified arborist offering professional tree trimming. They are specially trained to recognize any illness or damage your trees may have and can help you address these hazards. Having one of these specialists inspect your trees is one of the best ways to assure that you are prepared for storms and hurricane season.

This summer, make sure your trees are a part of your storm preparedness plan. The certified arborists at TREECO can help. For inspections, tree removal and tree trimming in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, contact us for all of your tree care needs.

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