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Common Tree Diseases in Florida

Maintaining the health of the trees on your property is an important step in keeping your yard beautiful. Just like other plants, trees require care to avoid illness and disease. A sick tree can fall or lose large branches more easily, posing a risk to your family and home. It can also spread diseases to other trees, causing a major problem. If you notice signs of any signs of illness, contact your local tree service as soon as possible to determine if it is necessary to remove the tree or trees.

Tree disease can be broken down into four categories:

  1. Foliage Disease: Symptoms include leaf spots, blights, foliage rusts, needle casts, powdery mildews, molds and leaf blisters.
  2. Stem Disease: Signs can include galls, cankers, decays, fungi and vascular wilts.
  3. Root Disease: This includes a range of infections such as feeder root necrosis and root rot, which interfere with tree growth, stability and survival.
  4. Forest Tree Nursery and Regeneration Disease: A group of diseases that are typically most problematic in forest tree nurseries or forest regeneration settings.

Tree diseases vary by region and can be difficult to identify. A tree service with certified arborists on staff will be able to help you identify and treat sick trees. Here are some of the more common tree diseases that affect us here in Northeast Florida.

Fusiform Rust

This is one of the most destructive diseases facing pine trees in the southern United States. It causes cigar-shaped galls, often with yellow pustules, on the main stem of the tree. Fusiform rust attacks most of Florida’s native pine species, most seriously affecting loblolly and slash pines.

Brown Spot Needle Blight

The most serious disease affecting the longleaf pine, brown spot needle blight delays the growth of seedlings. Symptoms appear as small dots on the needles which vary in color from straw yellow to light brown. As needles die, they may look like they’ve been scorched by heat.

Oak Wilt

Oaks are some of the most beloved trees here in Northeast Florida. Oak wilt is an aggressive disease that causes oaks to wilt and typically die. It’s caused by a fungal pathogen called Ceratocystis fagacearum, and it kills thousands of oak trees each year. Contact your local tree service if you see signs of oak wilt.

Annosus Root Disease

ARD is a disease affecting pines caused by the fungus Heterobasidion annosum. It usually enters the tree through a wound, causing growth loss or death. Trees with this disease are prone to windthrow and breakage.

Westwood and Slime Flux

This disease causes major trunk rot in hardwoods. Slime flux shows itself as bleeding sap. It is more unsightly than dangerous, but it can cause problems such as some dieback or decline and may lessen the ability for wounds to heal.

Caring for your trees and inspecting for signs of disease regularly helps keep them healthy for generations. If you see signs that something’s not right with a tree on your property, call TREECO. Our team of certified arborists offers complete tree services, including difficult removals, in Jacksonville and St. Augustine. We have all of the equipment and expertise to handle even the biggest jobs. Call us today at (904) 559-3204.


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