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How To Tell If You Should Have a Tree Removed

Trees add value and beauty to your home, provide shade in your yard and offer food and shelter for wildlife. So it’s not surprising that making the decision to remove one can be difficult. Should you remove a tree or try to save it? Here are some guidelines to help you know if it’s time to look into contacting a tree removal service in St. Augustine.

Observe the tree’s location.

You will first want to assess whether the tree’s location poses a risk to people or your home. How close is the tree to your house? Are branches touching the home? Are they hanging over an area where neighbors walk or children play? These things should all be taken into consideration. You will also want to make certain that the tree is not growing into any power lines, which would pose a serious hazard.

Inspect leaves, branches and bark.

Paying attention to signs of disease and damage to the leaves, branches and bark of a tree can be the easiest way to spot a problem. Do all branches look healthy? Dead or dying branches could fall in a storm and cause property damage or injury. Are leaves falling early or are they discolored? Are there strange bumps or cracks in the bark? Do you see any types of fungus growing at the base of the tree? These all point to disease and it’s best to call a tree removal service with a certified arborist to take a look at the tree and make a recommendation.

Check for anything unusual.

Some defects and flaws can weaken a tree and increase the chances of it eventually falling over. Is the tree leaning? Too much leaning can signal poor weight distribution or anchor root damage. Look out for exposed roots or cracked soil. Does the tree have damage from construction? Construction can put a lot of stress on trees. Look for damaged bark, reduced or smaller foliage, mushrooms and carpenter ants which can be a sign of decay and rot.

Should you remove a tree that looks questionable? If you notice any of the problems above, it is a good idea to contact a tree removal company in Jacksonville before the tree declines any further. A certified arborist will be able to tell you for certain if you should remove a tree or if it can be saved and nurtured back to health.

For professional tree removal service in St. Augustine and Jacksonville, contact the certified arborists at TREECO. Our employees are expertly trained and complete all jobs safely and efficiently.

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