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When To Call An Emergency Tree Removal Service

If you have downed trees or damaged limbs on your property, they can pose a significant risk. They can structurally damage your home, damage power lines and cause serious injuries or even death. In the following situations, you should contact a professional emergency tree removal service in Jacksonville right away.

A fallen tree

If you have a tree on your property that has been damaged by weather or illness, it’s possible that it could fall without warning. Here are some simple steps to reduce the risk of injury or further damage to your property:

  • First, ensure that no one was harmed by the tree. Get medical help if necessary before dealing with tree removal.
  • Second, look around to see if any electrical or utility lines were damaged. If you do spot any downed lines, do not attempt to handle them under any circumstances. Immediately contact your utility company for assistance.
  • Take any necessary photos for insurance purposes and contact an emergency tree removal company.


After storms and heavy rain

The severe weather that comes with Florida’s summer storm season can wreak havoc on trees. After a heavy rain, storm or hurricane, be sure to inspect your property for any damage to trees or your home. Leaning tree trunks, broken branches or limbs, a tree leaning against another tree or structure and trees touching your home or power lines are all situations that warrant an immediate call to a certified emergency tree removal service company. Check for soil erosion and root exposure. These can be caused by excessive rain or flooding, and make your tree vulnerable to falling.

A sick tree

Tree disease that goes unaddressed can cause serious damage to your trees. It can cause weakness, instability or cause the tree to die. Signs that you may have a sick tree are brittle or peeling bark, uneven foliage, yellowing leaves, dead branches, carpenter ants, fungus and roots that are brittle or knotty. If you have a tree that shows signs of disease, contact a certified arborist. They can inspect the tree and treat or remove it before it can potentially cause an emergency situation.

Routinely checking on your trees and addressing any problems early can help prevent problems that are both dangerous and costly.  A licensed and insured emergency tree removal company like TREECO can help you handle any of your tree removal needs. Our team of certified arborists is highly skilled and equipped to deliver 24-hour emergency tree service. TREECO has the proper equipment and staff to assist you with all of your tree service needs. Call TREECO today to schedule  a consultation with one of our certified arborists

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