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How to Check for Tree Pests

Caring for your tree’s health is an important part of preserving the beauty of your property. Issues like disease, weather, invasive species and pests can all cause a tree to become unhealthy. The sooner you identify what’s causing a tree’s health to decline, the more...

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Signs Your Tree is in Danger of Falling

Fallen trees can cause extensive damage to your property. An unhealthy tree may not be structurally sound, putting people at great risk when left ignored. Strong winds from a storm or hurricane could swiftly cause large branches, limbs or even the whole tree to fall...

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Protecting Your Trees Before a Cold Front

In Florida, winter temperatures can occasionally dip low enough to cause damage to certain plants and trees. This is especially true in Northeast Florida, where we see some of the coolest conditions in the state. Subtropical and tropical trees are at risk of cold injury,...

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What Happens if a Neighbor’s Tree Falls in My Yard (or vice versa)?

Poor maintenance, tree disease, and severe weather can all cause fallen trees. When it’s a neighbor’s tree that falls in your yard, many homeowners are left wondering who is responsible. You might assume they are responsible for calling a tree removal company since it’s their...

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6 Spooky Ways to Dress up Your Trees for Halloween

Fall has arrived and Halloween is right around the corner. Since the whole neighborhood will be stopping by, why not go all out with some super spooky tree decorations? Jacksonville tree company TREECO has rounded up 6 cool ways to dress up your trees this...

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Why Use a Certified Arborist?

Why should you hire a certified arborist when looking for emergency tree service in Jacksonville and St. Augustine? It comes down to two key factors: knowledge and experience. Arborists are highly trained specialists who have been educated in the science of tree care. A certified arborist...

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Will Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

Hurricane season is in full force. All it takes is one big storm to damage or topple a tree on your property. This can create a dangerous situation that often requires hiring a tree removal service to prepare your yard for a storm or clean...

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What to Do When Your Trees are Damaged in a Storm

Storms can take a serious toll on the trees in Jacksonville and St. Augustine. Taking proper care of a tree after it has been damaged is critical. It could mean the difference between keeping the tree alive or losing it completely. That’s why it’s so important to research and contact professional tree services in Jacksonville and St. Augustine as soon as you notice damage.

Follow these guidelines when trees on your property are damaged in a storm.